Motor Bikes

Yes as a garage we do motor bikes/trikes. Me and my wife are very big passion for motor bikes as we have a few ourselves and we know how beautiful they are and can be. Making sure the vehicle is in tip top shape and very secure for the rider is our top priority. We will source the best bits for your vehicle and making sure you get the most for your money.

Before we do any repairs we look at the job, quote it all up and then we contact you with the list of stuff that needs doing to get the job done and with prices and a total price. If all is ok and you’re still wanting to go ahead with the repairs, we will then give you an estimated time of repair but if it takes longer for any reason we will contact you immediately and explain the issue(s) which this has occurred, but this is not common (depending on the vehicle and or age).
Once completed, we will contact you back and tell you your vehicle is ready for collection. When you come down to collect your vehicle you will then be presented with a detailed invoice of the services/parts required for the job along with the prices.

Money on collection only as we no longer do accounts.

Thank you,